Staying Compliant



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The Research Institute at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia maintains a research compliance program that oversees and supports enterprise-wide research. Through active and close collaboration with the various research compliance oversight committees, other research administrative offices, the Office of Compliance and Privacy, and the Office of General Counsel, the research compliance program promotes the ethical and responsible conduct of research and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements related to human subjects research, animal subjects research, laboratory-based research, and other areas of research compliance. The research compliance program promotes a culture of research compliance throughout the organization that encourages proactive identification of compliance issues and prompt and appropriate responses to compliance concerns.

The Vice President of Research Compliance & Regulatory Affairs leads the following programs with advice from a faculty-led advisory committee, the Research Compliance & Risk Subcommittee.

The Research Compliance Charter describes our purpose, our governance structure, and our authority and responsibility

Report Research Compliance Concerns

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia strives to maintain a culture of compliance by upholding the highest standards of research integrity and responsible conduct of research. Reports of research compliance concerns or suspected research misconduct (falsification, fabrication, or plagiarism) can be made to:

Matthew Hodgson
Vice President of Research Compliance & Regulatory Affairs
[email protected] or 267-426-8723

To report compliance concerns anonymously, contact the Safe to Say Hotline at 866-246-7456 or visit and enter “CHOP” as the access ID.