Division of Allergy and Immunology



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The Division of Allergy and Immunology has a strong legacy in translational research that focuses on conditions related to aberrant immune function. Recognized as the largest and strongest Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Division in the country, the Division's work is highly collaborative with those of other Divisions and clinics at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and features a rare yet critical balance of clinical and research efforts. This culture of collaborative approaches is a key strength that improves research efforts on the clinical and bench research sides.

Among the Division's research strengths are its long-standing and mature program in atopic conditions, including both IgE-mediated and T cell-mediated disorders. Allergy and Immunology participates in the highly collaborative and innovative autoimmunity/inflammation program; and has extensive involvement in international efforts to look at outcomes in immunodeficiencies and to define optimal therapies, as well as the development of robust databases and registries to identify outcomes in immunodeficiencies and to discover optimal therapies.

Research in the Division also includes clinical trials to improve the care of children with allergic or immunologic diseases, bench research to understand mechanisms of disease, and translational research to learn directly from patients.

The pivotal features of the Division of Allergy and Immunology's research initiatives involve continuing its historical approach to excellence in clinical, translational, and basic research that synergizes and complements ongoing efforts within and outside the Division, and collaborative research efforts that bridge traditional Divisional structures.