Clinical Reporting Team



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The Clinical Reporting Unit in DBHi consists of a mix of clinical practitioners and data specialists whose dual knowledge of clinical practice and data modeling help to find and understand areas where data embedded within a certain set of fields in the electronic health record may not match the intended use by the researcher.

Daniel J. Singleton

Daniel J. Singleton, BSN

Sr. Manager of Data Reporting and Management

Dan Singleton delivers actionable clinical data to researchers and provides tools for efficient data management and reconciling data capture in the clinical domain with secondary use for research purposes.

Our Team

Peter Camacho, MS
Manager of Data Reporting and Management

Atzael (Ben) Campos, MSDS
Information Analyst

Diego Campos, MS
Manager of Data Reporting and Management

Sandhya Chaparala, MS
Information Analyst

Marianne Chilutti, MS
Director, Library, Education and Data Services

Vanaja Danda
Information Analyst

Jesse Dudley, MS
Information Analyst

Allison Eckmann
Informatics Analyst

Jonathan Green, MS
Data Analyst

Robert Grundmeier, MD
Director, Clinical Informatics
Associate Professor, Pediatrics

Deepthi Gunturi, MS
Information Analyst

Svetlana Ostapenko, MS
Information Analyst

Hoa Vo, MS
Information Analyst