CHOP-Penn Proteomics Core Services



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The CHOP-Penn Proteomics Core offers a full array of services focused on meeting all of your proteomic needs. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Proteomics: whole proteome, sub-proteome, interactome
  • Post-translational modification analysis, omic scale: phosphoproteomics, ubiquitylomics, lysine acetylomics, and glycoproteomics
  • Gel-purified protein identification
  • HLA peptidomics
  • Complete workflow for urine and plasma proteomics analysis
  • Targeted proteomics: multiplexed parallel reaction monitoring
  • Quantitative proteomics: label-free, DIA, SILAC, SILAM, AQUA peptide, and more
  • Basic analysis of proteomics data using sequence database search algorithms and visualization software
  • Advanced statistical and bioinformatic analyses including data processing and visualization, network and pathway analysis, and identification of statistically significant protein changes