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Time with Your Partner - Date Night


All parents need time away from the kids to appreciate and enjoy each other’s’ company. Parents of kids on the autism spectrum are no exception. Yet these parents in particular may feel guilty leaving their children behind. Remember, though, that taking some time to spend together as a couple is important to maintaining your relationship, and you will be a better parent for it.

The most difficult part of “date night” is finding appropriate childcare. If parents know the children are safe, they can then relax and enjoy themselves. The CAR Autism Roadmap™ has information on finding reliable childcare.

Plan what you will do – even if it is a walk in the neighborhood, a visit to the local coffee shop, or dinner and a movie out!

If no childcare is available, plan special time at home after the children are reliably asleep; watch a favorite movie or prepare a special meal to enjoy together.

Spending quality time where you can truly have an opportunity to communicate with one another, talk about your day, hopes, and dreams for your future, or simply be present with one another is invaluable, and this is what strengthens relationships.

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