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Should I Allow My School District to Bill Medicaid for Services for My Child?


If you are asked by your child's school for permission to bill Medicaid or another public benefits program for educational services for your child, make sure that allowing it will not cost your family in some way. Make sure that giving consent will not reduce your child's available lifetime coverage, increase your premiums, or risk loss of eligibility for waivers or other services based on aggregate expenditures. Also be aware that by consenting for billing of a public benefits program, you are also consenting to have some educational records sent to the public benefits agency, to the extent necessary for billing.

In general, it may be a good idea to allow your school district or other educational agency to bill Medicaid for expenses to the extent possible. Ask questions if you are confused about how doing so may impact your child and family. If you do decide to allow your local education agency to bill Medicaid or another public benefits agency, be reassured that you may withdraw your consent at any time.

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