About CaNVAS



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CaNVAS aims to advance the care of patients, both children and adults, affected by vascular anomalies through the promotion and facilitation of multicentered, collaborative, clinical, translational, and outcomes research.

The long-term vision of CaNVAS is to be an internationally recognized collaborative research consortium whose members conduct high-quality clinical and translational research aimed at improving the care of patients with vascular anomalies and related disorders.

A consortium objective is the inclusion of multidisciplinary members from other fields with expertise in the care of patients with vascular anomalies. The consortium is expanding its membership of pediatric hematology-oncology centers.

The operation of CaNVAS adheres to the following values: collaboration, credibility, curiosity and commitment to care.

  • Collaboration with mutual respect to advance our common goals
  • Ethical standards that maintain accountability for the integrity of our research
  • Fostering and supporting efficiency and productivity of research
  • Design and execution of novel and prospective research in the field
  • A commitment of collective resources to pursue the CaNVAS research goals
  • Advocacy for evidence-based and compassionate care for patients with vascular anomalies.