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For general inquiries, scheduling, and for additional information on services please complete the BDMC Contact Us form or contact the staff representative listed below.

Biostatistics and Data Management Core

Linda Sprouse
Project Administrator
[email protected]

Julie DiStefano-Pappas
Director, BDMC
[email protected]


Walter Faig, PhD
Senior Biostatistician
[email protected]

Tryce Scully, MS
Senior Biostatistician
[email protected]

Catherine Qiu, PSM
Senior Data Research Associate

Joy Curvan
Senior Data Research Associate

Billing Questions?

Do you have a question about your bill for this core or need information on the other core facilities at Children's Hospital? Please visit the Core Facilities Administration page or contact them at coresadmin [at] (coresadmin[at]chop[dot]edu).