Biorepository Core


The Biorepository Resource Center (BioRC) improves the breadth and access to biobanked specimens and information resources across the CHOP community of investigators. With a capacity for approximately 2 million to 3 million samples, the facility serves all of CHOP’s biobanking needs, avoiding specimen duplication, preserving precious materials, and providing organized data and materials. The BioRC storage facility is located in a 2,956 square foot, temperature-controlled, card-accessed facility in Colket Translational Research Building.

It operates under the following principles:

  • An Operational Committee that coordinates central and investigator-specific biobanking resources and programs at CHOP governs the BioRC.
  • BioRC facilitates integration and enhancement of access to information about biorepository specimens and resources.
  • BioRC assists investigators in developing new projects that require the collection and processing of shareable samples not currently available, or helps investigators with existing projects who would like to migrate storage and management of their shareable banked specimens and data to the BioRC.
  • BioRC institutes and follows best-practice standard procedures for collection, processing, and storage of samples to ensure high quality specimens and data for all CHOP investigators.

The heart of the BioRC storage facility is the REMP Mid-Size Store (MSS) for storage of DNA samples. The REMP MSS holds up to 17,472 plates in 96 matrix tube formats, translating to 1.7 million DNA samples in a carefully monitored minus 20℃ temperature and humidity-controlled environment. The BioRC also has storage capacity for 210,000 vapor phase liquid N2 (minus 196℃) samples and 500,000 minus 80℃ samples (RNA, tissue, plasma, serum, etc.), with room for expansion.

The sophisticated Thermo Nautilus Laboratory Information Management System tracks all specimens and specimen data within the CHOP BioRC through their functional lifetime, including acquisition, 2D-barcoding, storage, processing, distribution, testing, and quality control.

The BioRC’s laboratory space, also located in the Colket Translational Research Building, is outfitted for sample accession, processing, and temporary storage. Major equipment includes:

  • A Qiagen Symphony automated nucleic acid extraction system
  • Two Qiagen QiaCube automated nucleic acid extraction systems
  • An Agilent Tapestation 4200
  • A DropQuant HTS spectrophotometer
  • Four BSL2 hoods for specimen processing
  • A CryoXtract 350 sample coring instrument.