Bassiri Laboratory



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The Bassiri Lab has long been interested in the interplay between non-conventional lymphocytes (e.g. natural killer T cells or natural killer cells) and their contribution to antitumor immunity. Recently, the lab has focused its studies on elucidating the immunometabolic features of invariant natural killer T cells that may allow them to be used as a platform for cellular immunotherapy of high-risk pediatric solid tumors such as neuroblastoma.

Project Highlights:

  • Directing natural killer T cell and natural killer cell anti-tumor responses
  • Natural killer T cell immunometabolism and function
  • Altering the neuroblastoma immune environment to control tumor growth
Hamid Bassiri

Hamid Bassiri, MD, PhD

Attending Physician
Dr. Bassiri studies the ways in which the immunometabolic features of lymphocytes are altered within solid tumor environments, and how modulating these features may enhance anti-tumor immunity.