Getting Started with LabArchives



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Get started by affiliating your account or downloading the Getting Started Guide.

Sign In
Step 01

Sign in and affiliate a LabArchives account using your @CHOP.EDU e-mail.

Step 02

Select "Sign up for Free." You may be redirected to sign up for LabArchives on another server.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to use your CHOP e-mail address, ending with when signing up for a CHOP sponsored LabArchives account.

Complete Form
Step 03

When you create a new account, you will be presented with the following form to complete. As you enter information into valid text for each field, the red X will be replaced by a green check. Please note: If your institution uses a Site code click "Sign up with a Site Code." If you do not have a site code you can skip this section.

Step 04

After signing up, an activation link will be sent to your e-mail. Click on this link to begin using LabArchives. If you do not receive the Activation e-mail, please check your Spam folder.

Already have a non-CHOP account?

Only one LabArchives account may be linked to your secure Single Sign On.

If you already have a free LabArchives account, please follow the instructions to sign up for a new account using your CHOP identity. Please contact if you have notebooks you need transferred from your existing free account. If you already have a LabArchives account with University of Pennsylvania or another institution, please read the guidance in our FAQ.