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The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute has selected the LabArchives service as its Electronic Research Notebook (ERN) of choice. The service is provided at no cost to CHOP faculty, researchers, and staff. LabArchives provides a manageable home for lab archives, encourages digital storage, sharing of data, and collaboration around most research endeavors. 

Why an Electronic Notebook?

Researchers and their staff use electronic research notebooks to share data and ensure uniform procedures for experiments that get documented, contributing to the quality of the research.

Notebook software integrates with commercially available data-analysis programs that help make sense of results in data-rich environments. Research notebooks ensure protocols can be more easily understood by colleagues, enhancing collaboration and improving regulatory compliance.

Why Lab Archives?

LabArchives is the leading secure, Cloud-based, electronic research notebook application service. An ERN facilitates the creation, storage, and compliant sharing of research data. LabArchives is approved by Internet2 and provides a fast, extensible platform customizable to a research lab’s workflow, benefiting Principal Investigators, lab managers, students, and staff.

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