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Submit NIH Grants for Review Five Business Days Before June Deadlines

Published on May 8, 2023 in Announcements · Last updated 1 year ago


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Pre-Award Research Administration works to ensure the grant applications we submit on your behalf to the National Institutes of Health are error free and on time. Please note that the office anticipates a very high volume of proposals for the NIH June deadlines.

Additional review time may be needed due to the new NIH Data Management and Sharing Plan requirement and to allow for investigators to work with the Arcus team as needed.

We strongly encourage you to submit the complete proposal, including a final budget, five business days prior to the NIH deadline, in accordance with CHOP’s policy. This will ensure the thorough review and successful submission of your application.

If a large number of applications arrive at our office on the deadline, they may receive a minimal review. Unanticipated technical difficulties could arise, resulting in submission delays causing the NIH to reject your application without review.

Given the expected high volume of applications, sufficient time is needed to resolve unforeseen challenges with submissions.

We want your application to be successful. To help give your proposal its best chance, please submit your complete application for review by the following dates.

NIH Deadline on: Submit for review by:
June 5, 2023 (R01, U01) May 29, 2023
June 12, 2023 (K-series) June 6, 2023
June 16, 2023 
(R03, R21, R33, R21/R33,
R34, R36, U34, UH2, UH3,
June 9, 2023

Please see the CHOP Proposal Review and Submission Policy for additional details.