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Software Development Policy

Published on
May 7, 2020
Are you, your team, or your vendor developing software for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia? It's a good time to become more familiar with the CHOP Research Institute Software Development Policy. Prioritizing Security

Security should be a primary goal throughout your development process for software developers or people working on a software development project. It can be challenging to navigate the ever-changing landscape of software development security best practices. CHOP Information Services (IS) is committed to helping developers plan, create, and maintain secure code, and to help ensure compliance with CHOP security policies.

Policy Developer Responsibilities

Policy guidelines assist in keeping your software secure; however, the policy cannot cover all scenarios and technologies. It is the developer’s responsibility to:

  • Check often for updates and improvements to the policy.
  • Continue ongoing security education.
  • Inform IS of new security standards.
  • Seek additional guidance from CHOP IS as needed.

General Policy Considerations

  • All CHOP applications, application code, processes, and data that result from development projects, past and present, are to follow this policy.
  • The policy represents a minimum-security threshold.
  • Awareness of security concerns within code and the preparedness to address them is ultimately the developer’s responsibility.

View the full Software Development Policy.