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Proteomics Core Change in Leadership

Published on
Jun 4, 2020

After 13 years serving as technical director of CHOP Research Institute’s Proteomics Core, Dr. Steve Seeholzer is stepping down. Lynn Spruce, the Core’s lead mass spectrometry expert, will act as interim technical director for the Core.

Steve Seeholzer came to CHOP in 2007 from the Fox Chase Cancer Center. He was tasked with establishing the Proteomics Core as a creative and cutting-edge facility that would respond to investigators’ needs in the rapidly evolving field of proteomics. Under Steve’s leadership, the Core transitioned from providing mostly targeted protein research services to omics and proteome approaches. Steve’s vision for proteome and omics-based research, and in developing related methodologies, allowed researchers to employ these approaches to advance their scientific research at CHOP and the University of Pennsylvania.

Steve’s qualities as a leader included his passion for science and his deep love of biochemistry and mass spectrometry instrumentation. Steve enjoyed scientific conversation and designing new experiments.

Steve’s last day at CHOP will be June 30, 2020. Please join us in thanking him for his 13 years of dedication and commitment and wishing him all the best.

If you are interested in exploring the services available in the Proteomics Core at CHOP, please contact Lynn Spruce at spruce [at]