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LabArchives Electronic Research Notebook Resource

Published on November 2, 2022 in Announcements · Last Updated 6 months 4 weeks ago


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LabArchivestm is the leading secure, Cloud-based, electronic research notebook application service. An ERN (Electronic Research Notebook) facilitates the creation, storage, and compliant sharing of research data. LabArchivestm is approved by Internet2 and provides a fast, extensible platform customizable to a research lab's workflow, benefiting Principal Investigators, lab managers, students, and staff.

LabArchives can be of benefit to you and your research team by providing state-of-the-art research journal capabilities.

Webinars are routinely offered by LabArchivestm presenters. Please schedule an online webinar for your team. Consider also coordinating a LabArchivestm welcome interview if your team is particularly large or may have special needs.

Need Guidance? Check out the LabArchives FAQs for additional support.

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