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Free Training in Data Science for Biomedical Research

Published on January 11, 2023 in Announcements · Last updated 1 year ago


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We are currently recruiting learners to join communities of practice, gain skills in data science, and allow us to measure the effectiveness of our interventions.

Benefits of Joining the DART Data Science Education Cohort

  • Short (less than 1 hour), free standing, asynchronous, practically-focused modules
  • Customized programs with communities of practice, based on individual learner needs and goals.
  • No previous training required.
  • You can participate from anywhere with a laptop or desktop computer
  • Free publicly available data education materials

Topics include:

  • R and Python: Learn how to save time by creating reusable workflows in these broadly used statistical programming approaches.
  • SQL: Big data, like EHR (Electronic Health Record) data, is often stored in relational databases. Learn how to work with these effectively and gain insight into how data is stored.
  • Version Control: Learn how to use git to save your work and track changes to your files.
  • Data management: Learn how to organize your files and folders in a way that will help keep things moving smoothly when files multiply and years pass.
  • Command Line: Learn how to work on the command line to work with files and run commands.

Program Participation:
We’ll ask you to complete a pre-program survey (no more than 20 minutes to complete). Our team will contact you following your registration with specific program details. The program requires approximately 10 hours per month of participation in community of practice activities and individual learning, for 4 months, and 30 to 60 minutes of time to complete post-program surveys.

Reserve your spot before Friday January 13, 2023.