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FAQs for Clinical Research During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Published on
Jul 2, 2020


Please see the July 2, 2020, update of the CHOP Research Institute FAQs for Clinical Research During the Coronavirus Pandemic for important frequently asked research questions related to the gradual, staged ramp-up of clinical trials and non-interventional clinical research.

Clinical Research will move to Stage IIIB Monday, June 29, 2020. Please remain flexible to pivot ramp-up stages based on both the COVID-19 pandemic and events in Philadelphia.

Category I: Currently permitted

  • Essential clinical trials, SARS-CoV-2 clinical research, fully remote clinical studies

Category II: Currently permitted for existing clinical studies

  • In-person research visit CONCURRENT with clinical visit
  • Research/biobank samples may be collected, provided the in-person research visit is concurrent with clinical visit AND the laboratory team can accept the research sample

Category IIIA: Currently permitted — In-person research visits NOT concurrent with a clinical visit for clinical studies in an affected population

  • Previously scheduled in-person research visits canceled due to COVID-19 study restriction

Category IIIB: Permitted as of June 29, 2020

  • New in-person research visits in an affected population

Please refer to the “PI Protocol Checklist – Return to Clinical Research at CHOP", “Category I/II – Subject In-person Visit Checklist" and “Category IIIA/B – Subject In-person Visit Checklist" as additional resources. A new patient-family handout “Research During COVID-19: Information for Families" is also available.

As of July 6, 2020, on campus clinical research staffing will move to 50% for each research group at any one time. Clinical Research ramp-up stages are separate than staffing increases.

Please stay tuned for any updates on Wet Lab Research ramp-up guidelines.

The Clinical Research Support Office Leadership Team is available to discuss any questions about the gradual, staged return to clinical research with Principal Investigators. Contact ClinResearchQuestions [at] for assistance.

COVID-19 Research Institute Updates

Check the COVID-19 Information and Resources page often for ongoing research communications and virtual opportunities. Visit the internal Bioresponse @CHOP Community for the latest bioresponse enterprise updates.