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Countdown to RISC Closure

Published on
April 5, 2022


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New job aids along with a new Transport of Dangerous Goods Shipping Policy have been created for staff to use.


There are only two instructor-led training classes remaining prior to the June 1 cut off for biologics and dry ice shipping. RISC will not ship items covered by shipping training after May 31, 2022.

  • Initial training must be completed via instructor led session. Register here for instructor led.
  • Renewal training may be completed online. Email Research Safety to have the module and quiz added to your myCareer learning plan.
  • Instructor-led training sessions will continue on a monthly basis (dates available here). On-demand instructor-led training sessions will not be available.

Important Info to be Aware of

RISC is no longer accepting orders from staff who are trained for the hazards they are shipping. RISC will provide guidance and support for those who have questions or need assistance. To set up a dangerous goods consult (biologics, dry ice) select a time slot here.

Non-hazardous, Non-regulated Items

RISC is no longer accepting shipping orders for non-hazardous, non-regulated items regardless of the temperature of the shipment. Examples include documents, hard drives, pipettors, and other instruments and equipment that do not contain any hazards such as lithium batteries, compressed gases, etc. This also includes study drug medications that are not subject to the dangerous goods regulations.

  • Action: UPS CampusShip should be used for these types of items whenever possible. Request a UPS CampusShip login tied to your cost center and/or activity number(s) in Service Now.
  • Action: If you are unsure your item is hazardous or contains hidden dangerous goods, email a product description, with manufacturer link and Safety Data Sheet to RISC for review at least one week prior to your scheduled shipment.

Starting July 1, 2022, the Office of Research Safety will provide consultation services and technical support for dangerous goods shipping needs, but will not pack or prepare documentation for shipments.