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Change in Leadership of Research Institute Cores

Published on
May 11, 2020

Paula Oliver, PhD, is taking on the new position of scientific director for the Core Facilities at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute, as Harry Ischiropoulos, PhD, steps down to focus full-time on his research program.

Dr. Ischiropoulos played a tremendous role as scientific director of CHOP Research Institute Cores over the last decade. He implemented a new annual review process and organized a faculty advisory committee who provided feedback on all Cores and facilitated improvements in administrative oversight and updates.

Dr. Oliver will build upon this work and will uniquely tailor small Core-specific advisory groups to advance each Core’s mission and purpose. These individualized advisory groups will ensure that the Cores remain state of the art, and broadly and highly impactful to the research community.

Acting as the faculty advisor for the CHOP Biorepository Core (BioRC) since 2018, Dr. Oliver helped to establish the Operational Committee that has guided the development of the BioRC into a world-class biorepository and a burgeoning resource for the CHOP research community. Prior leadership roles at CHOP include memberships on the Institutional Core Advisory Committee and Space Committee.