Academic Training Team



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The Academic Training team works closely with trainees, faculty, and non-faculty researchers to develop a community of productive and career-driven researchers-in-training.

Each Academic Training team member has their own interests and specialties. Please email us if you require assistance and we will connect you with the most appropriate staff member.

David Taylor

David Taylor, PhD

Director, Academic Training, Office of Academic Training and Outreach Programs

David Taylor, Director, Academic Training, leads and manages the research trainee support infrastructure at CHOP Research Institute, including postdoctoral affairs. He is committed to maximizing the researcher-in-training experience and supporting the realization of trainees’ individual career goals.


Colleen Ambron, MBA
Senior Programs Officer

Alexandria Capone, MS
Program Coordinator I

Olivia Chesniak, PhD
Academic Programs Officer

Leslie Ope, BS
Program Coordinator I