100 Years of Research and Counting | CHOP Research Institute
100 Year Seal

100 Years of Research and Counting

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute marked 100 years since its first research lab, and do we have some stories to tell! Join us in turning back the clock to 1922, see how much has changed, and learn what the future holds in the 2022 Annual Report.

A Century of Breakthroughs

One hundred years ago, a CHOP scientist began testing hypotheses in the hospital’s first lab, located in a single basement room. See how the Research Institute has continued to advance pediatric scientific knowledge, in this interactive timeline.

Then and Now
Our physician-scientists’ curiosity, drive, and need to know has always driven the Research Institute. We call research a pillar of CHOP today, but truly it’s always been a pillar — it’s a foundational aspect of who we are and what we do.
-Howard Eck