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Cellie Cancer Coping Kit

Cellie Coping Kit

Price: $35.00
The Cellie Cancer Coping Kit includes a Cellie toy, a set of 30 cancer coping cards, and a caregiver book. The Cellie Coping Kit covers stressful experiences that children with cancer and their families often face. The Cellie Kit provides tips for dealing with cancer and its treatment. Tips are based in current research, consultation with oncology experts, and advice from children with cancer and their families.


Cellie Toy

Cellie Says Hi!

Price: $20.00
Cellie is a snuggly, stuffed, washable toy with a zippered pocket for a mouth. The toy is used with the Cellie Coping Kit as a part of the coping strategies.


Cancer Coping Cards

Cellie Says Hi!

Price: $10.00
The Cellie card deck includes 30 cancer coping cards. Each card includes a stressor related to cancer (for example: needle sticks) and specific tips for dealing with the stressor.


The Cellie Caregiver Book

Cellie Says Hi!

Price: $10.00
A book for caregivers: The Cellie Caregiver Book is a 33-page resource for caregivers that compliments the cancer coping cards for children. Each page includes a stressor related to cancer (for example: my child gets sick on the way to the doctor/hospital) with tips on how to deal with that stressor. General topics in this book include communication about cancer, appointments and procedures, treatment side effects, adjusting to treatment, school and friends, and challenges concerning the whole family.