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Real-Time MRI Helps Doctors Assess Beating Heart in Fetus; Advanced Imaging Method Improves Tools for Evaluating Heart Disease Before Birth
Univeristy of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Awards of Excellence
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Researchers Release New Findings on Protecting Children in Side Impact Crashes
Neighborhood Safety Concerns Boost TV Time, but Not Necessarily Obesity, in Preschoolers; Parents advised to turn off the tube, encourage outdoor play
Children Using Community Health Centers More Likely to be Overweight than Other Children
NHTSA Invites The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to Join Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network
Customized Gene Chip Provides Rapid Detection of Genetic Changes in Children's Cancer; Microarray Scans DNA Regions in Neuroblastoma Tumors to Forecast Outcomes, Guide Treatments
New Model May Better Predict Outcomes for Children with Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders; Classification Tool May Better Describe Autism-Related Disorders, Help Evaluate Treatments
Psychiatric Illnesses Are Common in Children With Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes; Research Implies Need for Screening, Plus Scrutiny of Medications
New Genetic Test May Detect Risk of Rare Complication from Anesthesia; Expert from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Reviews Blood Test for Malignant Hyperthermia
Children in Foster Care May Be Underaccounted for in the Medicaid Program; Study: Many Foster Children Are Not Receiving Needed Health Care
Children Need Better Cancer Drugs, Says Expert Panel; Oncologist from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Urges Partnerships to Build R & D Pipeline
Chromosome Deletion Predicts Aggressive Neuroblastoma; Deletion on Chromosome 11q May Guide Decision to Use Adjuvant Chemotherapy
Radioactive Isotope Is Effective for Neuroblastoma; MIBG Therapy Yields High Response, Low Toxicity in Children with Relapsed Cancer
Is the Vaccine Industry Ailing? Expert at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Analyzes Why Manufacturers Have Abandoned Vaccines
Informed Choices By Parents Can Prevent Serious Crash Injuries for Children, According to Researchers at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia</p>
Newborn's First Week May Be Critical Period for Developing Obesity in Adulthood
Genetic Therapy Reverses Nervous System Damage in Animal Model of Inherited Human Disease
Linking Brain to Mind in a Common Genetic Disease; Abnormal Brain Structure Linked to Spatial, Numerical Thinking Problems When Children Lack Part of Chromosome
Emergency Department Study Supports Benefits of Giving Dehydrated Children Fluids by Mouth; Therapy is Quicker, Less Invasive Than IV Therapy
Gender Bias in Child Growth Evaluations May Miss Disease in Girls
Teen Drivers Pose Risk to Child Occupants; Researchers at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Find that Children Transported by Teen Drivers Are at a Much Higher Risk of Injury
By Age Six, Children of Overweight Mothers Are Also Prone to Obesity; Study Suggests Obesity Prevention Efforts Should Target Children in this Risk Group by Age Four
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Appoints New Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President for Research
Newborns with Heart Defects Have Low Blood Flow in Brain Before Surgery, Say Researchers at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia</p>
Premature Infants with Lung Disease May Continue to Require Replacement Substance to Ease Breathing
Family Therapy Reduces Stress Symptoms in Adolescent Survivors of Childhood Cancer
Chronic Opiate Use May Raise Vulnerability to Stress: Animal Study Sheds Light on Effects of Hospital Drugs
Vanilla May Have a Future as a Sickle Cell Treatment
Generation Gap Widened in Social Welfare Spending for Elders Compared to Children; Researchers from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Analyzed Public Spending Between 1980 and 2000
High-Dose Steroids Do Not Always Cause Bone Loss in Children; Study of Kidney Condition Challenges Conventional View of Steroid Effects
Clever Surgery Turns an Ankle into a `Knee' After Removing Child's Bone Tumor; Orthopaedic Surgeon at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Uses Rotationplasty Technique to Save a Young Life and Limb
Electronic Game Use is Associated with Childhood Obesity
In Violent Incidents, Preteen Girls More Likely than Boys to Be Involved in Retaliation for Previous Fight
The Emergency Department May Be an Ideal Setting for Teaching Home Injury Prevention; Researchers From The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Show That Caregivers May Be Willing to Accept Home Safety Information After a Child is Injured
Dr. Katherine High Becomes President of American Society of Gene Therapy; Hematology Researcher at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Assumes Post in High-Profile Field of Medicine
Gene Discovered for Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, a Disabling Genetic Disease; Research by The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Drexel University College of Medicine Will Aid Screening and Diagnosis
Child Safety Restraint Use Increasing in Auto Trips, Say Researchers at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia;Inappropriate Seat Belt Use Declines, but Remains a Problem
For Foster Children, Unstable Placements Are Linked to Higher Healthcare Costs
Elastic Nails Help Children with Broken Legs Recover Faster than Traditional Traction and Body Casting; Physicians from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Compare Treatment Options
Cell Research Uncovers Intriguing Clues to `Trojan Horse' Gene in HIV Infection
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Studies Best Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes in Children and Teens
Common Virus May Contribute to Uncommon Bone Disease in Children
Rapid Early Infancy Weight Gain Linked to Childhood Obesity in Study of Sibling Pairs
Pediatric Healthcare Visits Best Setting for Obesity Prevention; Some Pediatricians Perceive Insufficient Time to Discuss Nutrition and Physical Activity
Federal Grant Will Support Advances in Infant Heart Disease at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia; Goal: Speed Movement of Genetic Research to Bedside Treatments
Gene Raises Risk of Neurodevelopmental Problems After Infant Heart Surgery; Study is Among the First to Evaluate Genetic Susceptibility to Neurologic Injury in Children with Heart Defects
Many Autistic Children May Receive Complementary or Alternative Treatments, Say Researchers from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia</p>
Many Parents, Teens Unaware of an 'Optional' But Valuable Vaccine; Vaccine Protects Against Serious Meningococcal Infection, Says Expert from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia</p>
Early Treatment of Blinding Eye Disease in Infants Can Prevent Severe Vision Loss;Researchers from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Participate in National Multicenter Trial
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