Children's Hospital Achieves 'Gold Seal' of Approval for Clinical Studies


Bringing discoveries out of the laboratory to a patient’s bedside requires rigorous testing and an acute awareness of the risks of testing new drugs, devices, and therapeutics in patients.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute has long been known for its innovative and groundbreaking studies that have improved the lives of children around the world. Those efforts involve continuously assessing and reducing risks to those who volunteer to take part in clinical studies.

The Research Institute’s dedication to protecting those taking part in studies was recognized and bolstered when it achieved full accreditation of its human subjects program by the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP).

AAHRPP promotes high-quality research through an accreditation process that helps organizations throughout the world strengthen their human research protection programs.
CHOP Research voluntarily participated in AAHRPP’s extensive and lengthy accreditation process, which included a detailed on-site evaluation, to ensure it maintains the best practices when conducting clinical trials.

Full accreditation by AAHRPP, considered the “gold seal” in human subjects protection, establishes a high threshold for knowledge and training and represents an assurance of the quality of the program at CHOP Research.

Only 223 other research institutions – and only eight other independent children’s hospitals – in the United States have achieved full accreditation of their human subjects protection programs, according to Deb Barnard, Director of the Office of Research Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, which led the accreditation effort at CHOP Research.

“This notable achievement underscores our commitment to protecting the rights and welfare of those who participate in research,” says Barnard.

“Accreditation by AAHRPP ensures CHOP’s position not only at the cutting-edge of science, but also as a leader in protecting the most our valuable resource in research – volunteers who take part in clinical studies,” says Philip R. Johnson, MD, chief scientific officer at Children’s Hospital.

For more information about AAHRPP accreditation or the human subjects protection program at CHOP Research, please contact Deb Barnard at