Hospital-wide Rebranding Includes Name Change


The Hospital is undergoing an enterprise-wide rebranding, which is the culmination of nearly two years of extensive assessment, consumer research, redesign, and internal validation.

The new brand standards include the renaming of select entities throughout Children’s Hospital, as well as an evolution of the logo treatments used to depict all parts of the enterprise.

Part of the institution-wide rebranding involves changing the name of the Joseph Stokes Jr. Research Institute. Effective July 1, the Stokes name was changed to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute.

Several studies precipitated and validated the decision to rebrand the research institute. A quantitative national study confirmed exceptionally high awareness for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia brand name among members of the medical and scientific community in the local region and nationwide. In contrast, a separate study among pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists indicated that few knew the name of the Stokes Institute.

Changing the Research Institute’s name dovetails with the Hospital’s prominent and premier brand name, presents a unified image of the Hospital and its many parts, and leverages the awareness and strength of the Hospital’s name. The new name has been embraced for its clarity, directness, and specificity.

The renaming of Stokes necessitates changes to the Institute’s external Web site, which became on July 1. Use of the existing will direct users to the new URL. Research Communications and Research Information Systems will gradually convert all other research-related Web sites (for example, individual lab and program sites) as well as the research intranet to the new branding.

In addition, the Hospital has designed new templates for business cards, letterhead, and other marketing collateral. To ensure a cost-efficient transition, please order new materials only when your supplies need to be replenished. Information about the Research Institute’s brand standards and downloadable logos are available
on the Hospital intranet at

Research Communications has the new templates, logos, and approved uses to ensure the research community complies with the Hospital’s branding standards. The department will continue to work with research groups and Marketing on typographical treatments that conform to the new standards.

Please contact Jennifer Long, director of Research Communications, at if you need additional information or assistance.