Hospital Launches Center for Biomedical Informatics


The Stokes Institute and Children's Hospital have launched an ambitious program to derive value from research and clinical information.

The Center for Biomedical Informatics (CBMI) develops necessary expertise and resources in the emerging field of biomedical informatics to maximize the clinical value of biomedical information pertaining to children. The center's activities focus on research and clinical data derived both from Hospital activities and from external groups, with special consideration for large, complex and disparate sets of information.

The CBMI includes research, service and educational units. The research arm promotes research in informatics applicable to diseases of interest to Children's Hospital research and clinical groups. The center also provides a structure for synergizing existing informatics research and activities through a lab affiliation mechanism. Currently, 17
Stokes Investigators are members of the CBMI.

A service unit provides bioinformatics assistance to researchers to complement the resources, support and training provided by the Stokes Bioinformatics Core Facility. In addition, the CBMI helps researchers optimize their use of methods and platforms developed internally for the discovery effort.

The Pediatric Research Consortium, which serves as the Hospital's Practice-Based Research Network, provides assistance for any research seeking participation from primary care. The Clinical Reporting Unit will provide data from the Hospital's clinical records for both research and operational activities.

The CBMI's educational unit develops formal and informal training opportunities for researchers and clinicians interested in developing skills in research informatics. This includes support for seminar series, workshops and common interest forums around current topics in informatics and information technology.

The focus of the program centers on areas of current Hospital strength in informatics like electronic records-based clinical decision support and data integration, as well as areas of future opportunity, including disease modeling and artificial intelligence.

The CBMI will work closely with existing units that will benefit immediately from collaborative ventures, including the Center for Applied Genomics, CHOPLink, the Center for Outcomes Research, and existing Stokes Core Facilities. These and additional interactions with a wide range of Stokes and Hospital personnel will aim to develop methodologies and practices to more fully utilize integrated knowledge as it applies to pediatric disease understanding, diagnosis, intervention and prevention.