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Novel Treatments Emerging for Human Mitochondrial Diseases
Oncologist at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Appointed by President Obama to National Cancer Advisory Board
CHOP's Dr. Steven Douglas Honored as Paradigm Builder in HIV-Immunology Research --International Society for Neurovirology Recognizes Longtime Contributions to Virus Biology and Treatment--
Short Boys Are Two to Three Times as Likely as Short Girls to Receive Growth Hormone --CHOP Researcher Finds Striking Gender Bias in National Patient Registries --
CHOP Creates VP for Entrepreneurship and Innovation --Patrick K. FitzGerald Is Named to New Post, Will Promote Ventures, Partnerships for Hospital--
CHOP Global Health Focuses on Children with Cerebral Palsy in Southern Africa -- International Partnership Investigates Scope, Patterns of the Most Common Cause of Childhood Disability --
CHOP Patient Safety Researchers Honored for Study of Alarm Fatigue --False Alarms May Desensitize Staff from Responding to Genuine Safety Problems--
Using Fresh Whole Blood Lowers Patients' Exposure Risk in Child Heart Surgery, Say CHOP Researchers
Restoring Cellular Energy Signals May Offer Promise of Treating Mitochondrial Diseases in Humans CHOP Researchers Use Existing Drugs to Produce Health Benefits in Laboratory Animals, Set Stage for Clinical Trials More
New Medicaid Data Show Antipsychotic Use May Increase the Risk for Diabetes in Some Children
Nanoparticles May Exploit Tumor Weaknesses to Selectively Attack Cancers CHOP Scientists Explore Ultrasmall Drug Delivery Vehicles to Target Neuroblastoma, a Pediatric Cancer
Study Bolsters 'Turbocharged' Protein as a Promising Tool in Hemophilia Gene Therapy -- Using Mutant Protein, CHOP Hematologist Safely Removes Unwanted Antibodies, Reverses Hemophilia in Dog Model of Bleeding Disease --
Neuroblastoma Expert John Maris, M.D., Available to Discuss FDA Approval of Unituxin, the Third FDA-Approved Drug Ever for Children with Cancer
Babies' Body Mass Index May Predict Childhood Obesity -- Large CHOP Study Finds Childhood Obesity Rates May Be Related to Infant Growth Patterns --
Brain Imaging Links Language Delay to Chromosome Deletion in Children with Neurological Disorders --CHOP-Led MEG Study Suggests Pathway Common to Autism, Other Disorders; Hints at Drugs to Target Overlapping Illnesses--
Kids Five Years After the Recession: Smart Policies, Better Lives
CHOP Invited to White House for President's Announcement of the Precision Medicine Initiative
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Announces $50 Million Gift to Fund Clinical and Research Transformation -- CHOP Will Establish the “Raymond G. Perelman Campus” in Recognition of Extraordinary Gift --
Beyond the Bandages: Study Finds Pediatric Trauma Nurses Know About Trauma-Informed Care
Animal Study Points to a Treatment for Huntington's Disease -- CHOP Gene Therapy Expert Fine-Tunes Protein Signals, Improves Motor Function and Reduces Brain Shrinkage in a Neurological Disorder --
Study of Bone Infection Treatment in Children Finds Oral Antibiotics Equally Effective as Those Given Intravenously
CHOP Experts Draw Lessons from Philadelphia's Large-Scale Ob Unit Closures
Benefits Persist in T Cell Therapy for Children with Relapsed Leukemia
Which Is Better--Bag Lunch or School Cafeteria Lunch? CHOP Nutrition Expert and Leader of National School Lunch Guidelines Suggests Following Healthy Meal Options in Sending Lunches from Home
More Genetic Clues Found in Severe Food Allergy -- In Eosinophilic Esophagitis, New Targets Emerge for Potential Treatments --
New Chief of Oncology Named by The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Study Shows an Increase in the Use of Preventive Dental Care by Medicaid-Enrolled, School-Age US Children in Immigrant and Non-immigrant Families
New Jersey's Teen Driver Decals Show Sustained Link with Fewer Crashes
CHOP and Temple Receive NIH Grant to Explore Eradicating HIV from Hiding Places in the Brain
Steadily Rising Increases in Mitochondrial DNA Mutations Cause Abrupt Shifts in Disease --CHOP Scientist: Effects of Decreased Energy in Cell Metabolism Reveal Underlying Role in Aging and Common Diseases--
Personalized Cellular Therapy Achieves Complete Remission in 90 Percent of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Patients Studied
Sustained Feedback to Doctors May Be Needed to Maintain Appropriate Antibiotic Use in Children
Antibiotic Use by Age 2 Associated with Obesity Risk
Large International Study Pinpoints Synapse Genes with Major Roles in Severe Childhood Epilepsies -- CHOP Scientists Help Lead Research, which May Suggest New Targets for More Effective Treatments --
Gene Mutation Discovered in Blood Disorder --CHOP Expert, Collaborators Identify Mutation in Aplastic Anemia that Shortens Telomeres on Ends of Chromosomes --
Endocrine-Related Protein Found to Be Master Regulator in Other Important Diseases
Forcing Chromosomes Into Loops May Switch off Sickle Cell Disease In a Novel Potential Therapy, CHOP Hematology Experts Manipulate Gene Regulation to Restore Healthy Hemoglobin in Red Blood Cells
Fetal Medicine Leaders at CHOP Report on 100 Prenatal Surgeries for Spina Bifida
Clues Emerge to Genetic Architecture of Cognitive Abilities in Children --CHOP expert, collaborators among first to use molecular genetic approach to evaluate complex traits in children's intelligence--
Center For Injury Research And Prevention At CHOP Announces New Co-scientific Director
Climate Change May Bring More Kidney Stones -- CHOP-Led Research Finds Link between Hotter Days, Kidney Stones in U.S. Adults and Children
Gene Variants Found that Increase Pain Sensation After Common Childhood Surgery --CHOP Study: Patients with Specific Gene Variants May Require Higher Doses of Pain-Control Drugs--
Trained Evaluators Can Successfully Screen for Premie Eye Disease from Miles Away --CHOP Expert Leads Telemedicine Study Aimed at Improving Outcomes in Underserved Children—
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Announces Fetal Neuroprotection Program
Gene Study Points to Novel Pathway for Diabetes Treatment --CHOP/Penn Researchers Report Potential Target for Protecting Insulin-Producing Cells in Type 1 Diabetes--
Three Gene Networks Discovered in Autism, May Present Treatment Targets --CHOP Research Points to Brain's Glutamate Signaling in Autism, ADHD, Schizophrenia--
Lifetime Achievement Award Honors CHOP Expert Garrett Brodeur for Career Work in Neuroblastoma --The Advances in Neuroblastoma Research Association Recognizes Progress on a Challenging Childhood Cancer--
Dr. Beverly Lange, Retired CHOP Oncologist, Receives Distinguished Career Award --American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Honors Outstanding Work in Childhood Leukemia--
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Announces Violence Prevention Initiative
Fluorescent-Based Tool Reveals How Medical Nanoparticles Biodegrade in Real Time --May Inform Development of Versatile Drug Carriers for Therapeutic Uses in Patients--
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