Pediatric Translational Research Workshop


To be eligible for enrollment, candidates must be early-career researchers enrolled at or employed by a local research institution. It is strongly suggested that candidates are local to the Philadelphia area or within reasonable commuting distance to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. The ideal candidate will also meet the following criteria:

The goal of this program is to provide basic or wet bench scientists with the information that they need to successfully transition their research programs to the clinic. However, trainees and early-career scientists from other backgrounds (e.g., M.D. or M.D./Ph.D. scientists) may also be eligible. These individuals should contact The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Office of Postdoctoral Affairs at to inquire about eligibility prior to applying.

Registration Fee

All applicants who are selected to participate in the Pediatric Translational Research Workshop must submit a $250.00 non-refundable registration fee. A limited number of hardship waivers may be available for those who cannot reasonably afford this fee. Those requesting a registration fee waiver must submit a justification during the application process. Approval is based on both need and scholarship. Waivers are not guaranteed.

There is no fee to apply for the workshop.