Pediatric Translational Research Workshop

Submit Your Application for the CHOP Translational Research Workshop

Complete your application at

General Application Instructions

  1. Applications must be submitted by June 19, 2015 at 12:00p.m. (ET). Late or incomplete submissions will not be reviewed
  2. Applicants must complete the online application. Please do not e-mail or fax any portion of your application.
  3. You may complete your application over multiple sessions. Applications can only be submitted once. After you submit your application, you will no longer be able to make modifications. Please check all your materials prior to clicking the “Submit” button.

Recommendation Letter Instructions

One letter of recommendation is required. This letter of recommendation must be from your primary supervisor. This may be your research mentor (if you are a trainee) or your department head (if you are faculty), for example.

  1. Copy and paste the following URL and send to your primary supervisor:
  2. Instruct him or her to go to the site, complete the required fields and upload the recommendation letter. Be sure to remind your supervisor of the June 19, 2015 deadline.

CV and Statement of Interest Upload Instructions

Each applicant must submit a PDF, Word, or Text doc., as required in the application process, containing the following: