Pediatric Translational Research Workshop

Program Overview

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Pediatric Translational Research Workshop (PTRW) for Basic Scientists is designed to introduce early career researchers to the principles and fundamental elements of pediatric translational research. By employing a combination of didactic presentations, lectures, and clinical experiences, the PTRW aims to bridge the gap that exists between bench research and the clinic.

Course participants can expect to be engaged in:

The next workshop will be held in October 2015.

About the Pediatric Translational Research Workshop Experience

The PTRW is a five day, intensive learning experience. Each day will last approximately 8-9 hours, with regular breaks. Breakfast, lunch and end-of-the-day refreshments will be provided.

Instructors and lecturers will include top pediatric researchers from the Philadelphia area and beyond, who will draw their discussions from their own personal experiences and lessons learned. The limited class size is intended to promote an interactive and open environment for all participants.

PTRW participants who complete the program in its entirety will receive a certificate of participation.

Enrollment in the PTRW is a competitive process.