Community-Based Resources for Individuals Affected by Violence

After The Injury
This website offers help to children recovering from physical and emotional injury and trauma and their families.

Anti-Violence Partnership AVP Counseling Center
The AVP Counseling Center provides free counseling to adult and child co-victims of homicide and victims who have been traumatized by other forms of violence. AVP's licensed counselors have specialized training and experience in assisting co-victims of homicide and victims of crime.

Center for Grieving Children, Teens and Families
The Center provides a safe and caring place where children, teens, and their families grieving a death can find the support to heal and grow through grief. The Center also offers educational and training programs to professionals and others who work with children and teens.

The Children's Crisis Treatment Center (CCTC)
Located in Philadelphia, CCTC provides counseling services, including center, school, and community-based services.

Council for Relationships
The Council for Relationships offers counseling services on a sliding fee basis to individuals, couples, children and families in hopes of bringing happier and healthier lives to their clients.

The Consortium
The Consortium offers counseling services to members of the West/Southwest Philadelphia community.

Dr. Robin Lowey & Associates LLC
Specializes in providing psychological counseling services to victims of crime, abuse, or catastrophe.

Grief Assistance Program
The goal of the Grief Assistance Program is to reduce the confusion, stress, and trauma that occur after the homicide, suicide, or sudden traumatic death of a loved one. The program also provides crisis intervention, counseling, and support early in the bereavement process.
321 University Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

North Central Victim Services

Office of Crisis Counseling and Bereavement Support  
Offered through the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, this Office provides counseling to families who have suffered fetal loss late in pregnancy lor who have lost an infant or child.

Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency PCCD/Office of Victims' Services
PCCD offers a victims' compensation fund, and may be able to help families with funeral expenses.

Pennsylvania Office of the Victim Advocate
OVA represents the rights and interests of crime victims before the board of Probation and Parole and the Department of Corrections. It provides support and advocacy services to victims, while working closely with the local county district attorney’s office.

Philadelphia Anti-Drug/Anti Violence Network PAAN
PAAN provides community safety through direct services that impact the drug and violence problems that plague neighborhoods and develops positive alternatives for youth.   PAAN responds to crisis situations, conducts conflict resolution sessions, provides education and training programs, and responds to hotline calls.

West/Southwest Philadelphia Victim Services Program
This program offers counseling, referrals, legal system assistance, crime victims’ compensation, and protection orders for victims.

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