Along with the Center for Nonviolence and Social Justice (CNSJ) at Drexel and the Firearm and Injury Center at Penn (FICAP), PCVPC serves as the Philadelphia headquarters of the National Network of Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs (NNHVIP), a partnership of programs around the country that provide intervention services to individuals being treated for violent injuries. The network strives to strengthen existing hospital-based violence intervention programs by providing training in “trauma-informed care.” There are currently 20 active hospital-based violence intervention programs, and the NNHVIP is committed to helping develop new programs in trauma centers experiencing significant rates of violent injury.

The NNHVIP also works to promote communication between hospitals. This fundamental principle has and continues to lead the network into developing evidence-based resources that can be implemented in emergency departments across the country. Not only do these resources help establish best practices among member programs, they also inform public policy. The annual NNHVIP conference provides a venue for program administrators, front line workers, and other health officials to collectively identify, prioritize, and discuss trauma-related service barriers that currently affect victims of violence. This year’s conference will be held on August 29-30th in Philadelphia, PA.  

To learn more about the National Network of Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs, or about the NNHVIP Annual Conference, please visit:






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