The CHOP Violence Intervention Program (VIP) is a pilot study that promotes a “trauma-informed” approach to helping patients who have been admitted to CHOP’s Emergency Department or Trauma Unit as a result of being intentionally injured by someone else. We are evaluating how this trauma-informed approach builds positive relationships between our patients and health care and social service providers, as well as how it connects them with beneficial community-focused programs in Philadelphia.
What is a trauma-informed approach?
A trauma-informed approach considers how someone’s past experiences affect how that person succeeds in his or her clinical treatment. 

What does the program do?
Youth who participate in the program have many free services offered to them. At the hospital, a CHOP social worker assesses the immediate needs of each assault-injured youth and his or her family. After this assessment, we provide a community-focused case management program designed to reduce re-injury and retaliation among youth by working with them during and after their hospital stay. This includes comprehensive assessment, case management, and navigation to community-based services.

Case management includes emotional support for post-traumatic stress, as well as connections with after-school, mentoring, employment, and/or parenting education programs. We also help patients and their families navigate medical channels, school, housing, social service, and, if necessary, legal systems and rehabilitation services. Additionally, the CHOP VIP is a partner of the Healing Hurt People program at Drexel University, which allows our patients to participate in the weekly SELF psychoeducational group. These groups address issues of Safety, Emotions, Loss and Future.

For more information
For more information regarding the CHOP VIP, please contact Ayana Bradshaw, MPH, at 215-590-3118.





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