Centerpiece Project

Project Overview

Our Centerpiece research project, PARTNER: Participatory Action Research to Negotiate Every Response, spans all five years of funding and takes a multi-component, multi-level approach to preventing youth violence. The project was built using community participatory principles and a year-long effort to obtain community input through focus groups, organizational assessment, and collaboration with various community groups.

PARTNER looks at both risks and resiliency through relationships with peers, parents, and professionals across varied physical and social environments. The Centerpiece project focuses on developing and testing the effectiveness of an aggression prevention program that combines developing youth problem-solving skills and leadership with parenting/family outreach and community workshops. A systematic trial of the program, which targets 10- to 14-year-olds, is currently being conducted in six neighborhood venues (e.g. recreation centers and after-school programs). PARTNER seeks to make an impact on reducing aggression, at both the individual and community level.

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