Training Grant in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

The purpose of this post-doctoral Training Program in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is to provide the advanced training necessary to promote the independent advancement of next-generation neurological researchers into successful, independent research careers. This inter-disciplinary program is based in the Departments of Pediatrics and Neurology and also will draw faculty from six different departments in the School of Medicine. Each faculty member is a scientist with a record of commitment to the training of young researchers. A rich educational program has been developed. It includes frequent lectures, formal courses, a clinical practicum, monthly conferences, and an annual convocation of the entire group.

The focus of the program is mental retardation (MR) that is caused by either chromosomal defects, inborn errors of metabolism (aminoacidurias, urea cycle defects, etc.) or hypoxia and trauma (peri-natal insult, traumatic brain injury, etc.). The program is intended for: physicians with clinical training in pediatrics, neurology, neuropathology or a related field and doctoral-level researchers who have done neuroscience research and wish to apply their expertise to the field of mental retardation.

This program is a centerpiece at the University of Pennsylvania for training in MR research. Each trainee will be carefully supervised in order to ensure that he/she fully exploits the rich opportunities that the program offers. An executive committee selects the best trainees from the high-quality candidates who matriculate at the University of Pennsylvania. All research proposals are carefully scrutinized by a doctoral-level biostatistician. Each trainee's progress is monitored by regular written reports from both preceptor and trainee and a series of obligatory oral presentations. Graduates of the program are expected to assume academic positions at major medical schools and to become future leaders into research involving mental retardation.

Please contact Debbie Fulton at or 215-590-3728 for further information.


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