Faculty Development

Reappointment and Promotion Documentation

The following links originate from the Perelman School of Medicine,
Faculty Affairs and Professional Development Web site

Preparing Your Promotion Dossier

This booklet provides faculty candidates with step-by-step guidance on preparing their promotion dossiers.

Sample CV and Grants Page in the Required School of Medicine Format

This document is a sample CV in the format required by the School of Medicine Committee on Appointments and Promotions (COAP).

Note: To create or update your CV, access the Faculty Expertise Database System (FEDS) at http://my.med.upenn.edu/ and enter your CV information as prompted. In addition to storing your CV in this format, FEDS will automatically create a public view page based on your CV information.

Checklist for CV and Grants Page

This document lists specific information required in each section of the required CV and Grants Page.

Note: Please see the above information on how to create or update your CV.

Educational Database (EDB)

View Educational Database Video

When faculty become eligible for promotion, the Perelman School of Medicine requires them to submit an Educational Database (EDB) or "teaching file," documenting their teaching contributions and accomplishments. The EDB has six sections. Templates or brief instructions for completing each section are provided here. Faculty should ensure that documentation for all sections is submitted electronically to their departmental faculty coordinator. She or he will compile hard copies of all sections inside a tabbed, spiral binder and forward it to the School of Medicine.

What's New:

  • The School of Medicine revised certain sections of the EDB in 2007. Most notably, section 2 now consists of a personal statement on teaching.
  • Effective academic year 2007-2008, faculty eligible for reappointment must submit sections 3 and 4 of the EDB.

Questions about completing your EDB for promotion? Contact Kelli Wilson in the School of Medicine at kellijw@mail.med.upenn.edu.

Questions about teaching documentation due at reappointment? Contact your faculty coordinator.

Housestaff and Medical Students Teaching Evaluation Records (HAMSTER)

This online system stores quantitative information on teaching evaluations submitted by medical students, residents and fellows. It does not include evaluations from Biomedical Graduate Studies or Continuing Medical Education courses. Individual faculty members may access their own information at http://my.med.upenn.edu/.