Faculty Development

Educational Database

Educational Database (EDB)

Faculty should ensure that documentation for all six sections of the EDB be submitted electronically to their departmental faculty coordinator. She or he will compile hard copies of all sections inside a tabbed, spiral binder and forward it to the School of Medicine. Please note that some of the EDB sections at the links below only contain a sentence or two of instructional information.

Section 1

This section includes space for inserting the CV.

Section 2

This section contains prompts for generating the personal statement.

Section 3

This section provides a table for teaching activities (e.g., undergraduate medical education didactic teaching, graduate medical education didactic teaching, clinical teaching).

Section 4

This sections provides a table for administrative teaching activities (e.g., thesis committees, administrative efforts).

Section 5

This section is formatted for teaching data, including quantitative data from House-staff and Medical Student Teaching Evaluation Record (HAMSTER). The candidate is responsible for gathering data from Continuing Medical Education and, if applicable, Biomedical Graduate Studies (BGS) activities.

Section 6a

This section provides instructions to the education officer for drafting a summary of the candidate's teaching.

Section 6b

This section provides space to insert a letter from the Chair of the Graduate Group describing the candidate's participation in graduate student training if applicable.

Section 6c

This section provides instructions for evaluations of teaching performance from peers who have observed the candidate teach, if appropriate. The subcommittee will not solicit these letters; the candidate needs to provide them.