CRISSP scholars class 2014

“CRISSP is the ideal program for students interested in research and/or medical careers, because it serves as a gateway to new opportunities.”

CRISSP Scholar 2014

The CHOP Research Institute Summer Scholars Program (CRISSP) is a competitive internship designed to provide undergraduate students with:

  • Scientific knowledge
  • Practical training in biomedical research
  • Critical exposure to pediatric-focused research career trajectories
  • Direct mentorship from CHOP research faculty

The Goals of CRISSP are to:

  • Promote biomedical research as a rewarding and exciting career choice
  • Provide practical training and experience for future scientists and biomedical researchers
  • Inspire the next generation of pediatric biomedical researchers

Full-time immersion in a lab or research group
enables CRISSP scholars to experience science and discovery first hand!