The Developmental Neuroimaging Laboratory (DNL) is a newly launched initiative at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute designed to foster collaborative science on the development of the brain and brain-based neuropsychiatric disorders. The primary goal of the DNL is to initiate and support research on normal and abnormal brain development. The DNL was established as a part of the Center for Autism Research, a Center of Emphasis at The Research Institute, and serves as a staging ground for basic scientists to translate methodological developments in neuroimaging analyses for the neuroscience community.

The DNL is headed by Robert T. Schultz, PhD, who also serves as the director for the Center for Autism Research.

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John Herrington, PhD, is the Associate Director of the DNL. His research is focused on the neurobiology of emotion, social processes, and Autism-Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

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Sarah Paterson, PhD, is project coordinator of the Infant Brain Imaging Study of Infants at Risk for Autism, a study conducted at the DNL.

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