Chapter 1: Research Integrity

1.1 Introduction

Society has a vested interest in the research carried out at Children's Hospital – not only in the outcomes of that research, but also in the methodologies and manner in which the work is conducted and supported. Much goes into the research enterprise at academic medical centers like Children's Hospital, and much is expected in return.

The public is well served by this investment. Not only have critical discoveries emerged from this work, but so have generations of leaders in all fields of pediatric healthcare. To maintain confidence and trust in this enterprise, researchers must protect the objectivity of research, the unbiased reporting of results, and the open sharing of information for the good of society.

Eligibility to act as a PI or co-principal investigator (co-PI) is a privilege limited to investigators as defined by CHOP Research Institute policy. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute maintains the highest standards of responsible research conduct - standards that are, in many cases, also governed by law or sponsor regulations. The CHOP Research Institute also holds its PIs responsible for determining the intellectual direction of research and scholarship, for the training of students, and for the technical and fiscal management of sponsored projects.

While Children's Hospital is a free-standing health system, CHOP-based Penn faculty are members of a collaborative research community and have full rights and privileges at the University of Pennsylvania. As Penn faculty members, CHOP-based Penn faculty are bound by both Hospital and Penn policies. Wherever possible, agreements are in place to reduce administrative burden and duplicative regulatory oversight. The CHOP Research Institutes' regulatory committees (IRB, IACUC, etc.) are responsible for overseeing research and Children's Hospital owns all ensuing intellectual property. Proposals are submitted through and awards managed by CHOP Research. Funded collaborations between the CHOP Research Institute and Penn require subcontracts and sharing information or samples may require formal agreements.

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