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Dr. Schultz is the Director of the Center for Autism Research (CAR). CAR's mission is to discover the causes the autism spectrum disorders, including the relationship between genes, brain and behavior. CAR also studies mechanisms that lead to changes in behavior due to successful intervention.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Autism spectrum disorders (ASD); relationships between genes, brain, behavior and time in ASD and typical development. Behavioral genetics. Developmental neurobiology and psychology of social motivation, social perception and social cognition. Cognitive neuroscience. Innovative treatments for ASD, including computerized gaming and other novel approaches to learning, including combining new medications with behavioral interventions.

RESEARCH METHODS: sMRI, fMRI, DTI, ERP, infra red Eye Tracking; Clinical Phenotyping, Behavioral Genetic approaches; Clinical trials

RESEARCH SUMMARY: I am the Director of the Center for Autism Research (CAR) at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). CAR's mission is to find the biological causes of ASD so that we can help create more efficacious treatments.

My lab's research focuses on obtaining large samples of research volunteers with ASD, so that we can examine the relationships between ASD susceptibility genes, endophenotypes (e.g., as measured with MRI, EEG or Eye tracking), clinical phenomenology and development (including response to treatment). Given the heterogeneity of ASD, and the opportunities to collect large samples through CAR, we feel like studying relationships between gene, brain, behavior and time will provide critical insights into the biological causes of ASD.

CAR has studies beginning prenatally in the case of children at risk for ASD due to family history, and other longitudinal studies beginning in the early postnatal period, including longitudinal MRI studies of brain development and precursors to the onset of ASD.

We are also engaged in examining the reliability across time of specific behavioral and biological markers as ASD so that they might be used as treatment targets in future studies. CAR also supports the development of computerized gaming approaches to ASD interventions and we expect to become increasingly involved in randomized clinical trials

Selected Publications
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Professor of Clinical Psychology in Pediatrics at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (2008– present)
Professor of Psychiatry at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (2011– present)
PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Texas at Austin (1991)
BA, Psychology, University of Delaware (1983)
Selected Publications
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