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Dr. Lowenthal is a pediatric HIV specialist and clinical epidemiologist whose research work is primarily focused on Pediatric Global Health. In particular, most of her research relates to the care and treatment of children and adolescents with HIV in resource-limited settings. Her comparative effectiveness study of children receiving efavirenz-based or nevirapine-based antiretroviral therapy answered a question of great importance to the treatment of the more than 3 million HIV-infected children worldwide. Most of her current work is focused on adherence to HIV treatments among perinatally HIV-infected adolescents in Africa. Public health-focused aspects of her work are funded by a CDC-PEPFAR Public Health Effectiveness Grant and additional questions related to optimizing adherence measurement and defining developmental and psychosocial factors associated with non-adherence are funded by an NIH K23 Career Development award.

Dr. Lowenthal is involved with collaborative studies in multiple African countries. In addition, she is the co-PI for a pilot study assessing whether genetic differences in bitter taste receptors impact tolerability of a protease inhibitor drug used commonly for the treatment of HIV-infected infants.

Dr. Lowenthal is a pediatrician with expertise in HIV care of children and adolescents. Between 2004 and 2008, she was the clinic director of the Botswana-Baylor Children's Clinical Centre of Excellence (Botswana, Africa), providing care and treatment for over 1500 HIV-infected children and adolescents. She is currently a staff physician at the Special Immunology Family Care Center of the University of Pennsylvania where she provides both general pediatric care and HIV-related care.

Adherence; Pediatrics; HIV/AIDS; Global Health

Categorical Data; Health Services Research; Multivariate Analysis; Survival Analysis; Cultural Adaptation; Validation of Assessment Tools

Dr. Lowenthal's research is focused on the care and treatment of HIV-infected children and adolescents. She is currently the Principal Investigator for an NIH Research Career Development Award through NIMH and a CDC-funded Public Health Effectiveness research study of adherence to antiretroviral therapies among HIV-infected adolescents in Botswana.

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (2014– present)
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (2011– present)
MSCE, Epidemiology, University of Pennsylvania (2012)
MD, Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine (2000)
B.A., Biology, Augustana College (1995)
Selected Publications
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