About Us

The facility is equipped with a 400MHz (9.4Tesla) high resolution wide-bore spectrometer (Avance DMX 400, Bruker Instruments Inc.) interfaced to a Silicon Graphic O2 computer. Presently a set of 6 high-resolution probes allows a wide range of experiments to be performed. These are a 5mm dual-frequency Proton/Carbon, a 10mm and a 20mm multinuclear probes for nuclei ranging from 109Ag to 31P, a 20mm 19F probe, a 5mm inverse detection GRASP probe with x, y, z gradients and a 10mm triple nuclei probe 31P, 23Na, 13C. All spectroscopy probeheads are able to perform variable temperature experiments with an effective range of -100oC to 150oC.

In addition, the system can be used for microimaging as well in one of two configurations. The Micro2.5 imaging probe accessory with actively shielded gradients of 100G/cm at 40A and a set of 4 vertically oriented RF coils (5, 10, 15 and 25mm diameter) is optimal for the imaging of specimens. The Mini 0.5 imaging probe with actively shielded gradients of 0.5G/cm/A and a 38mm RF coil allows imaging of mice and small rats under cardiac and respiratory gating for in vivo applications.