As of February 15, 2011,  the following service charges are effective.

Item CHOP Prices External Academic Prices *
DNA sequencing. The Traditional $11.00/rxn $17.00/rxn
DNA sequencing. The premixed $6.00/rxn $6.25/rxn
DNA sequencing. The premixed (48 or more rxns per submission) $3.25/rxn N/A
Bundled_DNA_sequencing: DNA purification $1.00/sample N/A
Bundled_DNA_sequencing (48 or more rxns per submission) $3.25/rxn N/A
Plasmid DNA mini-prep $4.00/prep $4.00/prep
DNA synth. 0.025 umol $0.27/base $0.32/base
DNA synth. 0.1 umol $0.40/base $0.45/base
DNA synth. 0.25 umol $0.65/base $0.70/base
DNA synth. 1 umol $1.45/base $1.50/base
oligo HPLC/PAGE purification 100 nm $40/oligo $40/oligo
oligo HPLC/PAGE purification 250 nm $60/oligo $60/oligo
oligo HPLC purification 1000 nm $100/oligo $100/oligo
oligo PAGE purification 1000 nm $125/oligo $125/oligo
Agilent Bio2100 analyzer RNA analysis max 12 samples/chip $34/chip $40/chip
3730 DNA Fragment Analysis (samples in odd numbered columns of 96-well PCR plate, up to 48 samples) $40.00 $48.00
3730 DNA Fragment Analysis (samples in 96-well pcr plate, up to 96 samples) $80.00 $96.00
* Prices are subjected to change without notice.
External Academic customers are required to obtain P.O. from their purchasing departments when ordering services.
Sequencing price for commercial customer is $25.00/rxn for the traditional and the premixed.