February 2013

Required Certification for Clinical Research Coordinators


Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) are an essential component of the clinical research enterprise at CHOP, serving a pivotal role in human subjects protection and overall study management. The CHOP Research Institute (CRI) is committed to providing the proper education, training, and support for the CRCs. Toward this goal, the CRI is implementing a CRC certification program.

All Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) will be required to complete the Clinical Research Coordinator Certification program offered by the Office of Clinical and Translational Research (OCTR), according to the timeline described below. This requirement applies to any research staff performing research coordinator functions and/or listed in the role of study coordinator on an IRB protocol submission. Specific job titles may include, but are not limited to: Research Assistant, Research Coordinator, Clinical Research Coordinator, Research Nurse, Clinical Research Nurse, Study Nurse, and Clinical Project Manager.

Requirements for CRC Certification:

  1. Certification in the CHOP institutional human subjects’ protections training (CITI training)
  2. Completion of the CHOP on-line Study Coordinator Modules
  3. Participation in the OCTR two day CRC training program
  4. Participation in an additional three workshops/training programs related to human subjects research offered by one of CHOPs administrative departments, such as the IRB, Office of Research Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Office of IND/IDE Support or the Clinical Trials Office.


Consistent with current policies, all CRCs must complete CITI training and the on-line Study Coordinator Modules prior to participating on an IRB approved protocol. Current CRCs are required to complete the OCTR two-day training program and the three CHOP-sponsored human subject research workshops by June 1, 2015. All CRCs hired on or after June 1, 2013 must complete the two- day training program and three workshops within 24 months of their hire. The first two day training session will be offered in March, 2013 and then every two months thereafter.

Information on registration in Learning Link will be forthcoming. Questions about this new requirement may be addressed to the Office of Clinical and Translational Research: navigator@email.chop.edu.

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